Defund the F-35 fighter jet now.

No F-35
See this image larger and read Vanity Fair's scathing review here.

** UPDATE Vanity Fair has Written a scathing new article on the F-35 and why it's a huge waste of money. Read it here, then come back and sign on in support of the campaign to end the F-35 for good.**

As working families and communities struggle to get by in this economy, Republicans continue to fight for cuts to Food Stamps, Social Security, Obamacare and other vital programs, while ignoring contractor abuse and wasteful spending at the Pentagon.

Pentagon contractors and their high-priced CEOs and lobbyists are working around the clock to save the F-35. And at $1.5 trillion the F-35 program costs more than the entire sequester for both domestic and Pentagon spending combined.

Outrageous. Sign the petition now calling on Congress to defund the F-35 fighter jet.

The F-35 fighter jet is the poster child for waste and abuse at the Pentagon. According to Vanity Fair's exhaustive article, despite costing taxpayers more than the entire sequester, the plane cannot fly at night, or in bad weather, much less defend America.

We need to invest in vital programs, jobs and prosperity for all and stop wasting taxpayer money on the F-35 and Pentagon contractors like Lockheed Martin and their army of lobbyists and millionaire CEOs.
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