End Special Tax Breaks for Big Corporations!

Buffett RuleEarlier this year we saw extremist Republicans who were willing to shut down the government and threaten an economic crisis in order to deny health care to millions of Americans.

In the 11th hour, Speaker of the House John Boehner caved and Congress voted for a short-term fix to this manufactured crisis. But the GOP?s reckless obsession with denying health care to millions and cutting Social Security, Medicare and other vital programs like food stamps and Head Start will lead us to another fight in just a few short weeks.

We should be investing in jobs and prosperity for all, not slashing vital programs that serve millions of children, seniors and families in order to protect tax breaks for big corporations and the ultra-rich.

Tell Congress: Stop the cuts to our communities. End special tax breaks for big corporations and the ultra-rich and invest in vital services and regulations, jobs and prosperity for all.

We ask that you support only tax provisions that adhere to these four points:

  • Raise $1 trillion in new revenue from the wealthy and corporations over 10 years and use it to prevent any cuts to critical programs and services, like Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps and education.
  • Make corporations pay their fair share of taxes. While corporate profits are at a 60-year high, the average corporate tax rate is just 12.6% - a third of their official tax rate.
  • End tax breaks that encourage corporations to ship jobs and profits overseas.
  • Eliminate loopholes that benefit primarily the wealthy.

It?s time to stop tax dodging by corporations and the wealthy, and invest in our people and communities.
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