Write Your Representative to Vote ?No? on Fast Track Trade Authority

Your Representative Needs to Commit Today to Vote ?No? to Stop Fast Track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

The President is trying to bypass Congress to Fast Track a trade agreement currently being negotiated in secret by the United States and ten other countries. Don?t let them trade away our freedoms: speak out now.

If the Fast Track bill passes, the TPP could be signed before Congress votes. Then the deal could be railroaded through Congress with no amendments and limited debate.

We need our representatives to stand up for us by voting ?no? on Fast Track to stop the TPP from offshoring more jobs, jacking up medicine prices, and allowing corporations to sue us in international tribunals for enforcing standards for wages, job safety, and protection of our land, water and air that we?ve fought for in America for a century.

Congress must assert its constitutional authority over trade agreements to stop the TPP nightmare from becoming a reality.

Write your Senators now and urge them to help create a democracy that works for all of us, not just billionaires and big corporations.

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