Budget Demands

We need a budget.
A government shutdown will have disastrous effects on our economy. Congress needs to do their job and pass a long term budget bill.

Lift the budget cap; Fair funding for domestic programs
Programs for working families continue to be slashed back due to the budget caps while the Pentagon and defense lobbyists have avoided cuts using their OCO war slush fund. Say no to the GOP budget that cuts domestic spending by almost $5 trillion yet adds $36 billion more to the slush fund than our military leaders say they need for military operations overseas.

Tax Credits for Working Families be made permanent.
The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC) lift working families out of poverty. Provisions within the EITC and CTC are due to expire - this deal must include the permanent extension of these provisions.

No limits on Women’s Health Care
Planned Parenthood and many other community health centers provide essential care including cancer screenings, birth control, and nutrition education. We need to stop vilifying abortion providers and ensure all Americans have access to the affordable health care they deserve.

Protect key provisions of Obama Care
The Affordable Care Act is working. More Americans have health insurance than ever before. It is time for Republicans to let go of their grudge and leave the ACA alone.

Bring Home Offshore Profits
Some of the biggest corporations are hiding enormous sums of cash in offshore banks, taking advantage of a giant tax loophole. One estimate puts the tax bill for these corporations at $600 billion. We need to bring home these profits at the regular tax rate to ensure corporations pay their fair share.

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