Speak up before we are out of time

Call your representative today and tell them to reject policy riders and pass a spending bill that works for all of us.

Want to read more about potential policy riders? Click here.

For more information about the Earned Income Tax Credit, click here.

Calling Instructions

  1. Call the Congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121
  2. Press 2 for House of Representatives
  3. Enter your Zip Code
  4. Connect to your Member of Congress
  5. Tell the staff:
    • Hello, my name is _____. I am calling today about the federal budget. My representative should stand up for working families by voting against extreme policy riders from all funding bills and seek the permanent expansion of expiring provisions within the Earned Income Tax Credit. We need an economy that works for all of us, not just the wealthy. If the government were to shut down over controversial policy riders, or fail to make permanent essential provisions in the EITC, millions of families will be in danger of falling into, or deeper into poverty. Don’t play games with our livelihood - vote against extreme policy riders on all budget bills and make the expiring provisions of the EITC and CTC permanent.