Tell Your Governor: The Supreme Court Can’t Stop the Clean Power Plan

The Clean Power Plan is the first federal plan to reduce carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants. It’s our best chance at a clean energy economy in the United States, but the Supreme Court recently sided with dirty energy companies and temporarily put the brakes on the plan, the court’s last action before the passing of Antonin Scalia.

While the Congress and the courts play politics with our planet’s health, climate change doesn’t stop -- so we won’t stop fighting for a clean energy economy that puts people and our planet before narrow corporate interests.

Under the Clean Power Plan, every state must submit a plan for how they will reduce carbon emissions. Some governors are bound to use the upheaval in the Supreme Court as an excuse to delay reducing pollution in their state. Tell your Governor: every day that we delay action for clean energy, climate change goes unchecked, harming our communities nationwide. Stand on the right side of history and move forward with the Clean Power Plan.