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The Paid Family Leave Insurance Act would provide up to 12 weeks of paid leave to bond with a new child, care for a seriously ill family member, and deal with issues that arise when a family member is called to active military service.The legislation would create a paid family leave insurance benefit and modernize New York’s Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) program, the critical support system for new mothers physically recovering from childbirth, which is currently frozen at the 1989 rate of $170 per week.

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194 2.1 years ago Janice Nigro Ithaca, NY
193 2.1 years ago Carole Sands NEW YORK, NY
192 2.1 years ago Pam Mather-Cathy Middletown, NY
191 2.1 years ago Robin Cisne ITHACA, NY
190 2.1 years ago sarah apfel NEW YORK, NY
189 2.1 years ago Liam Gillespie Cold Spring, NY
188 2.1 years ago Robert Sandgrund BUFFALO, NY
187 2.1 years ago Philip Costa New Hartford, NY
186 2.1 years ago Sharon Shelby LE ROY, NY
185 2.1 years ago Mikki Chalker Binghamton, NY
184 2.1 years ago Mary Mille Bay Shore, NY
183 2.1 years ago Albert Forbes White Plains, NY Have a new born baby and choosing to return to work or staying home to take care of that infant should not be determined by your ability to afford to do so. a matter of fact, you continue to work ju...
182 2.1 years ago Rachel Presser Bronx, NY Paid family leave benefits anyone who needs to look after a sick relative. Or even themselves because god forbid you don't slave every day.
181 2.1 years ago Kerri Welch White Plains, NY The start of the setback for my husband and I was when I went out on Maternity Leave in 2009 and was only paid for two weeks vacation, which was not enough living in Westchester, County NY, since th...
180 2.1 years ago Matthew Jerauld BINGHAMTON, NY
179 2.1 years ago Ivis Sampayo Brewster, NY It's important that people are allowed not to worry about their paycheck vs. a family illness or birth of a child. As a new grandmother I saw how difficult it was for my daughter in law and know how...
178 2.1 years ago Natasha Yannacanedo New York, NY
177 2.1 years ago Javier Rivera BROOKLYN, NY
176 2.1 years ago Michael Kolassa Brooklyn, NY
175 2.1 years ago Annie Stevenson - King BROOKLYN, NY
174 2.1 years ago Julie Giessler BLOOMFIELD, NY Paid family leave protects the family unit be it a new birth or an elder who needs care! Can be maternal and paternal...not gender biased.
173 2.1 years ago Michelle Babian YONKERS, NY I felt obliged to retire from my full-time teaching job in order to give time to my recovering mother. Borrowing time from coworkers? Would you? Not a fair option. Family leave would have been far s...
172 2.1 years ago Judith Hill AUBURN, NY
171 2.1 years ago Joan Agro ORANGEBURG, NY
170 2.1 years ago Diana Sanzone Brooklyn , NY
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