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The Paid Family Leave Insurance Act would provide up to 12 weeks of paid leave to bond with a new child, care for a seriously ill family member, and deal with issues that arise when a family member is called to active military service.The legislation would create a paid family leave insurance benefit and modernize New York’s Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) program, the critical support system for new mothers physically recovering from childbirth, which is currently frozen at the 1989 rate of $170 per week.

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119 2.1 years ago Jane Toby Catskill, NY The baby needs to be close to his/ her parent or parents while growing up and especially important are the first months of bonding. The baby needs to nurse from the mother and the mother needs to b...
118 2.1 years ago Emmett Haydel Corinth, NY
117 2.1 years ago Steve Bloom NEW YORK, NY
116 2.1 years ago William Davis BEARSVILLE, NY I was lucky enough to get 3 months of family leave to father my infant son and it really helped me bond with him and relieve his mom of some of the burdens of motherhood, including the 3 a.m. feeding.
115 2.1 years ago Andrea Troy new york, NY
114 2.1 years ago Andrea Troy new york, NY
113 2.1 years ago Debra Sfetsios-Conover NEW YORK, NY
112 2.1 years ago Cassia Charles Brooklyn, NY
111 2.1 years ago Maxine O'Reilly Ogdensburg, NY
110 2.1 years ago Ralph Locke Rochester, NY
109 2.1 years ago Jennifer Berke Westfield, NY The values of a country are demonstrated by how well they take care of their most vulnerable citizens. Infants are certainly some of the most vulnerable. It is essential that we ensure that these ...
108 2.1 years ago Andrea Meyer Hornell, NY
107 2.1 years ago Tammy Parsons Esperance, NY We have been hesitating on having a child. Although we are both financially stable at the moment for me to take time off from work would be a huge burden. I in the child care field and know how impo...
106 2.1 years ago Linda Winkler Staten Island, NY
105 2.1 years ago Meghan Combs NEW YORK, NY
104 2.1 years ago Lauryn Slotnick BAYSIDE, NY
103 2.1 years ago Katherine Hanna Ithaca, NY
102 2.1 years ago John Catherine NEW YORK, NY It is remarkable -- and an embarrassment -- the U.S. is among the few industrialized nations in the world without paid family leave codified in law.
101 2.1 years ago CG Acevedo BRONX, NY This would be extremely helpful for the working poor who do not have the financial resources to hire outside help to enable them to return back to their job.
100 2.1 years ago Juanita Garnett Bronx, NY
99 2.1 years ago Marisol Arroyo Bronx, NY This is important to me because I have a child with autism. I have had to take time off or come into work late because of my situation with him and my HR department has tried to use it against me. E...
98 2.1 years ago C P Saul NEW YORK, NY When my second child was born with serious birth defects I had to quit my job to care for him and my 3 yr old daughter. Our family income plummeted. That was 36 years ago! Why no movement to paid fa...
97 2.1 years ago Kahlil Goodwyn BROOKLYN, NY
96 2.1 years ago Daniel Rausher Brooklyn, NY
95 2.1 years ago Leah Cook Ithaca, NY
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